Nail Treatments by Alpine Spa & Salon

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Enjoy a luxurious experience with all of our nail treatments with amazing views of Breckenridge, CO. Relax in our custom-designed pedicure chairs and indulge in manicure or pedicure with one of our nail enhancements. Alpine’s attention to detail in all aspects of the nail rejuvenation process makes its service not to be passed up!

Manicure: $40

Spa Manicure: $55
This full-service treatment includes nail shaping, exfoliation, cuticle trimming or push back, hydration massage, and a buff and polish to finish.

Manicure Shellac Polish: $55

Spa-Manicure Shellac Polish: $75

Pedicure: $60

French-Polish: $15

French Shellac: $20

Spa Pedicure: $80
Our unparalleled and thoroughly superior pedicure treatment includes a sea salt soak, nail shaping, heal exfoliation and buffing, a sugar scrub, foot mask, and color application.

Cucumber Heal Therapy: $15